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CoPap Positional Pillow - Dual Stuffed for Non-Supine Back Support and Positional Stability

The CoPap Positional Pillow is a lower case n shaped two tone half body pillow designed to help the sleeper stay in the lateral sleeping position. How it differs from other body pillows is in it's dual cushioning design.  It combines the comfort of an L shaped side sleeper pillow with the support of a back wedge pillow.  One side is stuffed with a polyurethane foam block which is soft and firm, the other side is stuffed with a polyester down alternative which is soft and comforting.  It offers the extra non-supine support that other body pillows do not.  

What's in the box?  This bundle offers a CoPap Positional Pillow and gray cotton zippered pillowcase.  Everything you need for great sleep every night! 

Perfect for

  • Back Support
  • Side Sleep Support
  • Tossing and Turning
  • Head and Neck Support
  • Body Position Stability

Product Features

    • 100% Hand Cut & Sewn
    • 200tc Cotton Liner
    • Polyurethane Foam Back Support Cavity
    • Foam Dimensions
      • (L) 16” (H) 7.5” (W) 6.5” 
    • Down Alternative Fill
    • 2- Channel Partitions (Fill Shift Prevention)
    • Multi-Needle Overlock Stitching
    • 7” Tapered Gusset
    • Product Dimensions
      • (L) 32” X (H) 9” X (W) 28” 
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Spot Clean or Dry Clean Only
    • Designed and Manufactured in USA 
    • US Patent No. D769,649 S

Please note that this product does not guarantee to stop all snoring. This product is intended to help support sleeping position. For some snoring can be reduced or increased by sleeping on their side. As stated throughout our website, we encourage all or our consumers to research positional sleep therapy independently of this website as to how it helps and if it is right for you. 

This product is not a medical device. 

This product is not a replacement for CPAP therapy.  

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. 

*48 US States only. 

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